Under Construction

For many years my friends Mike, Tim and Josh have been hosting “Two and Change”, a Canadian politics podcast.  Given our friendship and my background in political science I regularly join in. 


During this same time I have been reaching out to some of the creative people who inspired me, primarily people from Star Trek The Original Series, and found many of them to be receptive to my inquiries. 

With this in mind we are currently in the process of crafting an interview podcast, tentatively called “Nerding out with my Friends”, where we will interview some of these people about their work and their lives.  My hope is this will service as a form of oral history as well as entertainment. 

Normally we recorded Two and Change at the “You Had Me At Beer Studios” a fully decked out podcast studio which doubled as Tim’s office.  Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lockdown in Ontario grey-zone gathering together has proven impossible.  In the meantime the four of us have created our own makeshift recording spaces and we are ready to proceed. 

From the contacts we have developed we already have a number of interview subjects penciled in and are hoping to prepare recording and publishing very soon. 

Watch this space. 

In the meantime you can enjoy past episodes of Two and Change on podbeam.